Visiting Physicians

We Bring the Doctor’s Office to Your Home!

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks, & Montgomery Counties


What We Do

MultiCare House Call Physicians meets the Primary Care needs for patients unable to leave home to see the doctor. We provide the comfort of years gone by with 21st-century technology for patients that may be bed or wheelchair-bound, have visual or physical problems, or behavioral/mental issues such as Alzheimer's disease or Dementia.

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Insurance Information: Medicare, Cigna Health Springs, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, and various PPO plans.

Why Choose Us?

Doctor House Call Services

Complete physicals

Once a year head to toe check

Routine visits to include assessment of needs

Wellness checks

Acute sick visits

Within 48 hours to evaluate a problem that could not be resolved with a phone consult

Urgent problems such as but not limited to: chest pain, inability to breathe, continuous vomiting, call 911 go to ER for evaluation

Chronic health conditions

Review basic chronic conditions and ongoing care

Medication monitoring, complete check with each visit, if needed

Patient education on any new medication

Routine tests and treatments



Blood tests

Nebulizer treatments


Oxygen therapy



Flu Vaccine



Chicken Pox

Referrals to specialists as needed

Peripheral services as needed



Respite Care

Home Care Nurses

Physical Therapy

Client Testimonials

  • Angelina C., Patient
    I am satisfied with the services I am receiving.
    Angelina C., Patient
  • Louise W., Patient
    I, Louise, being of sound mind if not body, do hereby acknowledge that MultiCare have served as good as they come.
    Louise W., Patient
  • Maria K., Patient
    I'm very happy with MultiCare, they are very attentive to me. The service is wonderful. I am grateful for the nurse that comes out. The care they give me is awesome. Thank you MultiCare for being there for me.
    Maria K., Patient
  • Laura H., Patient
    We are very fortunate to have Michelle as visiting nurse and Dr. Patton as our doctor.
    Laura H., Patient
  • Eloy H., Patient
    Dr. Patton never hurries when on a visit, answers all questions, orders scripts. Very satisfied.
    Eloy H., Patient
  • Dawn L., Patient
    I love the services rendered. All the people at Multicare are wonderful.
    Dawn L., Patient
  • Lucy H., Patient
    I am pleased with the service.
    Lucy H., Patient
  • Deborah J., Patient
    I love MultiCare services. Everyone is so gentle, kind, caring. They make sure you have what you need, and take their time with you.
    Deborah J., Patient
  • John A., Patient
    MultiCare provides excellent service. The doctor is very concerned for my care and makes suggestions to make things better. The nurse questions me about my health and also gives me some suggestion on how to make things better for myself.
    John A., Patient
  • T.G B. Sr., Caregiver
    All good. People are very professional and considerate.
    T.G B. Sr., Caregiver
  • John S., Caregiver
    I feel like it's a good service. I have no complaints. You guys helped me out a lot.
    John S., Caregiver
  • Josephine, Caregiver
    On a scale of one to ten, service is a nine. The doctor and staff are very reliable, pleasant, and courteous.
    Josephine, Caregiver